About Backpack Haiti

Backpack Haiti is a sponsorship program that helps families in Trianon, Haiti meet their nutritional needs. Currently, we are partnered with Luke101, a ministry out of Georgia, and the H.O.M.E. Team, a ministry in Haiti.  Every two weeks a member of the H.O.M.E. Team and a man named Faniel distribute food to families who are currently apart of our sponsorship program. Backpack Haiti provides supplemental meals (mana packs) for the each of the families. Each mana pack contains a mixture of vitamins and minerals that are often missing in the food the sponsored families. As the families are receiving food, H.O.M.E. Team tracks their weight along with some other basic health questions and relays all information to the Director of Backpack Haiti. This information allows Backpack Haiti to order enough food for each family, observe and note the growth that is occurring, and to make changes as needed to best meet the current needs of these families.


If interested in sponsoring a family, you can become a monthly sponsor or contribute to our mission with a one-time donation.